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Venture Creative: Helping startups thrive

With a startup failure rate of around 95%, being an entrepreneur is a high-stakes game to play. But what can you do to shorten the odds to increase your chance of success? Venture Creative from Propella helps startups be one of the thriving 5%.

Give your start-up a rocket fuelled boost

Give your start-up a rocket fuelled boost


What is Venture Creative

Designed to help new ventures thrive with rocket-fuelled brand innovation, Venture Creative is similar to venture capital, but instead of money, we invest with expertise to facilitate entrepreneurial success.

Venture Creative offers ambitious leaders a way to access full-service, top-tier brand consulting without the prohibitive financial outlay. We become partners in your venture, share your challenges and find solutions. In exchange we receive an agreed portion of equity, which can be mixed with regular fees, or retained services. We can even spread out-of-scope costs over time to make things easier.

Why startups should value design

There are many reasons why businesses fail, but one within their control is using great brand design. Disruptive design gives new ventures a clear advantage over competitors when challenging established organisations. You give people clarity on what you stand for and why they need you. When they like what you do and can articulate your story, you create valuable exposure to grow your audience. Without a compelling story, startups lack depth and ‘buy-in’. It’s even likely to put them off. 

With limited funding, you’re forced to cut corners on what may be perceived as ‘non-essential’ items. Branding is often seen to be one of them – you use cheap alternatives – but cheap is cheap for a reason – it’s rarely good or effective. Mediocrity is damaging and a near certain path to failure.

Over the last 10 years design-led organisations outperform those who aren’t by more than 211%.
— DMI Institute: Design Value Index 2016

What you need to know

When building a new brand, you must have clarity on a number of important questions:

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What are your key objectives for the startup?
  • What is your point of difference – how are you unique?
  • Who are your competitors and how do they sell themselves?
  • Who are your customers – what do they want, what problem are you solving?
  • What experience do you want to give customers?
  • Is your brand name compelling – does it standout – is it unique - can you own it?
  • What is your ‘culture’ – how does your brand behave, what do you believe in?
  • What is your ‘style’ or personality – how does the brand ‘feel’?
  • What’s your voice – how does the brand talk?
  • What’s your marketing strategy – how will you launch and promote the brand?

A good brand identity consultant will help you find the answers and carve out a unique space for your startup. But this can be costly. Venture Creative is the answer to this problem.


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