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Our copyright and privacy policies




Intellectual property

As legislated under Australian copyright law copyright serves to protect the Intellectual Property “IP” rights of all work originated by companies or individuals and is automatically assigned to the author (without any requirement for registration) from the moment it is created. All work produced by Propella Pty Ltd is considered to be our intellectual property. 

Why we retain copyright

We retain copyright ownership primarily for promotional purposes; so potential clients, partners, employees and contractors can see our portfolio of work and breadth of our capabilities. Should we relinquish ownership of copyright we are unable do this freely.

More importantly, we retain copyright ownership to protect the interests of our clients; in using our services they have made a significant investment in their brand. Our ownership helps us maintain the integrity of the work we have created for them and the value of their investment. It is important to note our ownership of copyright does not prevent our clients from working with other agencies.

What this means

Under Australian copyright law, the work we create is licensed to our clients for use in the context for which it was originally created. Occasionally, a client (past or present) may wish to repurpose this work (for example, the name of their organisation may have changed and they would may wish to adapt our work to the new name).

We operate with a friendly, flexible and collaborative approach, and in most cases we have no issue with repurposing work; we simply ask clients or their partners to contact us and discuss their desired intention – as there may be some great opportunities which have been overlooked which we can advise you on to guide the change.

Client confidentiality

We work in deeply immersive partnerships with our clients and are frequently exposed to (or have created) sensitive or confidential material during the course of a project.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance to us and under no circumstances do we divulge information which would compromise or embarrass them in any way. Whilst we only ever publish work which is already in the public domain, we always discuss with with our clients our intention to broadcast our work.

Employees, suppliers and third parties

Ownership of copyright enables us to vigorously protect the interests of our clients (both present and past). To ensure there is no infringement of these interests, all work produced for Propella by employees, contractors and suppliers is considered to be the intellectual property of Propella (except where there is provision under Australian copyright law).

However, we value our trusted network of suppliers and usually have no problem should they wish to display work they have been involved in for promotional purposes – we simply ask them to contact us first so we can ensure this will not compromise our clients, or Propella.

More information

If you’d like to know more about our policy, or have any questions about this complex and often misunderstood area please contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Further information can be found online at IP Australia, or for some bedtime reading, look no further than Owning It – by Sharon Givoni offering a comprehensive (and comprehensible) introduction to copyright law and creativity. For local or international copyright issue we recommend intellectual property lawyer Blair Beven at Mills Oakley.

Propella® is a registered trademark. 




Protecting your personal information

Personal information refers to information or opinions about, or from a person who is identified, or who can reasonably be identified from that information. We are committed to respecting your privacy and confidentiality of the information we collect, store and disclose. We take all reasonable steps to keep your information secure with appropriate safeguards, including password protection, controlled access and data encryption, however the transmission of information via the internet (by way of email or other service) is never completely secure, so we can’t guarantee the security of your data and any transmission is made at your own risk.

It applies to everything we do, including visitors to our website and social channels. By using our media you consent to our policy. We take our obligations seriously and have implemented practices to comply with Australian law. We do not make any representations about third parties; how they use personal information, or how it is linked to ours. 

Why we collect information

We collect personal information for a variety of reasons, including:

  • More effective response to requests
  • Planning and management of our media and services
  • Improve or support the services we provide
  • Customise your experience 
  • Network analysis and system administration
  • Maintaining security
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Maintaining business records for audits and reporting obligations
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory requirements and defending or pursuing litigation
  • Investigate complaints about us, or you (if we have reason to suspect you are in breach of our terms and conditions, or have engaged in unlawful activity)

What do we collect

We do not collect all the types of personal information listed below. We may only collect one or two items relating to a particular person. The information we collect and hold about you may include:

  • Name and occupation
  • Contact details; email address and phone number
  • Information about your computer; our website pages you visit, location, IP address, operating system and browser using “cookies” or “applets”. This de-personalised information helps us analyse usage and enhance the experience we provide

The kinds of interactions where we collect all, or some of your information can include:

  • When you contact us, submit a request or comment
  • When you enter a competition
  • When you register or create an account with us
  • When you post material to our media

When using our media we may ask you to “opt-in” to consent to our sending you communications, use or disclose your information. We will comply with your decision should you decide to “opt out”.

Retaining and disclosing info

We hold on to your information only for as long as necessary, after which we take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify it. We only disclose your information with trusted partners for the purpose, or related purpose it was collected. When requested or required, we may be obliged to share your personal information with Australian government agencies. On occasion we use external organisations to manage our media and some are overseas. Your information will only be shared with third parties who have a commitment to maintaining security and confidentiality and only in connection with our services.

Reviewing your information

We take all reasonable steps to ensure your information is accurate and you are entitled to access the information we hold about you. If you wish to review, or make changes please contact us. In rare circumstances, we may refuse to correct your information, in which case we will notify you of our reasons and the process for taking your request further.

Concerns or complaints

If you have any questions, comments, requests or issues please contact us immediately. We treat all complaints seriously, and investigate all issues brought to our attention.

Changes to this privacy policy

We regularly review our privacy policy to ensure it is in accordance with best practice and legislative changes. Any changes will be incorporated into a new version and made available on our website. The most recent published version will apply to how we use your personal information.