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EP Australia

Consultants, Entertainment, Recruitment

EP Australia are leading recruiters for the Australian arts and entertainment industry. Whilst they are highly regarded by candidates and clients, their old identity was misleading and out-of-date.

The old logo

The old logo

Entertainment Personnel was a well known but misleading name; they don't recruit Entertainers, and Personnel suggests administration rather than executive recruitment. Our task was to reposition the business, address brand name issues and create a new identity to differentiate them from competitors.

The big idea

The big idea

‘Finding great people’ is a phrase commonly used by all recruitment consultants. Whilst this is important we focussed on the RESULTS achieved by great people. We devised a vertical brand architecture to facilitate flexible use of language. The asterisk symbol operates on two levels – first, it connects clients and candidates to the various facets of the business – second, it suggests talented people.